The way Drummersleash works is very easy:  One strap goes around your finger, and the other strap has a sticky backing that goes around any size drumstick. Place the Drummersleash approximately 1/3 of the way up on the drumstick from the butt end. Secure the Drummersleash around your index finger, balance it out with your hand flat (as you would have it when shaking someone's hand) and start spinning.


The patented design (US Patent Number: 7,435,889) has a hard plastic housing that holds a speed ball bearing which enables the spin action of the Drummersleash. This design helps drummers do faster rolls by allowing the back fingers to have a pivot point on the index finger. The Drummersleash is very compact - no higher than a stack of 3 quarters! It is the perfect product for any type of drummer...from marching bands to trap sets. Another great feature of the Drummersleash is that it allows you to play as long as you want without hand cramps or blisters after hours of playing. The ability to use a much lighter grip with Drummersleash is what gives the drummer this new freedom.

Drummersleash Inventor Erik Heidt
Shows You How It Works

See Drummersleash in Action!

"Drummersleash is the coolest new drummer's trick tool!"
...Rob Rampy - Dirty Rotten Imbesiles @ MySpace

"Drummersleash makes it easy to spin the drumstick without dropping it. It spins really great!"

"Drummersleash is a fun product. I like the comfortability."